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Ed Wiley is a comedian who weaves spot-on impressions and music into a traditional stand-up act.

A native Georgian, Ed lives on a south Georgia farm with his wife, six children, eight cats, a dog, umpteen goats, two rabbits, and a healthy supply of antacids. In other words, it's a homeschool paradise. 

Ed blends just the right mix of stand-up, crowd work, guitar, and impressions to bring a clean, relevant show with something for everyone. His act reaches across generations and backgrounds to connect with people of all ages. 

Ed is often asked what is meant by "clean". He describes it this way: "I do the same act everywhere I go. First and foremost, I want my act to be funny. If it's not funny, it's not comedy. But I also want to be accessible to folks of all ages, and I want to be authentic. For me, being authentic translates into clean. But again, it's gotta be funny!"

Whether it's his awkward attempts to keep marital romance alive, his spot-on impressions of public figures, or riffing on the behavior of his children and goats, Ed's act is a blend of smart and zany that brings everyone on board for a hilarious ride. 

His Facebook videos have been seen by millions around the globe. He regularly performs at venues large and small across the U.S. 

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