If you're looking for a truly funny guy with razor sharp observations, squeaky clean comedy that is NOT corny or boring, musical comedy that is on point, a techie worldview with a goat farm slant, and impersonations that are dead on, you want Ed Wiley to bring his brand of funny to your next event. If that's not what you're looking for, you may need to consider raising your comedy standards. - Anita Renfroe, comedian

Ed Wiley is one of the rare gems of comedy that comes out of nowhere to knock you out with premises and punchlines you couldn't guess was coming. Because of his originality, you find yourself laughing like you never have before, and before you know it, he's done and all you want is more because it felt so good. That's why if I can get him, he's on a show with me!!! Because I like to laugh too! - Bone Hampton, comedian, actor

All right, Ed Wiley!! Crock-pot's heatin' up!!Dusty Slay, comedian

Ed Wiley is funny, a joy to work with, and his impersonations are spot on! - Linda Baylis Spence, Accomack-Northampton Pregnancy Center-Virginia's Eastern Shore

Ed Wiley is taking the world of clean comedy by storm. Funny. Intelligent. Original. Did I mention funny? If you need a night of non-stop laughs delivered through music, stand-up, and impressions that appeals to a broad audience... then you need to book Ed Wiley for your next event. - Kay Dodd, veteran comedian, host/emcee, producer, and speaker

Ed was hilarious from the minute he appeared on the stage at our corporate event. His jokes and songs were tailored to our business and our people. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the performance. - J. Azar, Sr. Vice President, CTO, Orasi Software

Ed's show had a great draw and the crowd loved him! His act is hilarious and hits with people of all ages. - D. Nehring, Owner, Dave's Bread and Coffee House

Ed is an extremely talented entertainer! He has the unique ability to weave his comedy through traditional stand-up, impressions, and music. We will be bringing him back for our next employee meeting. - K. Rubin, SVP Operations, Orasi Software

Ed kept the laughter going at our event, and there was never a dull moment. His comedy is relatable to everyone. - Steve Owens, Owner, EGA Productions

Ed was just absolutely hilarious! Talk about "gut wrenching funny." 60 people that evening got way more than their money's worth! Thanks Ed! - Ralph Roeger, Owner, Semper Fi Bar and Grille, Woodstock, GA